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The Prussians are rolling in...

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For larger view click here and more info in German here.
QUOTE The goods train with passenger accomodation, known as the „GmP", of the Royal Prussian Railways (K.P.E.V.) was an everyday sight throughout the early Epoch I period. It's hauled by a steam engine of the class T 9.3 (H0) / G 4.3 (N «piccolo»). The FLEISCHMANN model is presented in the original black/brown-green/red-brown livery. The colourful liveries of the regional („Länderbahn") rolling stock are great eye-catchers for every railway fan.
The HO set can be had with either an AC or DC version locomotive. The DC version comes with standard NEM 651 socket to install a decoder. Drive is on all 6 driving wheels with 2 traction tyres.

The N «piccolo» (Dare I say Scale) version's locomotive comes in both Analog and Digital and follows standard Fleischmann practice with drive in the tender through all six wheel, 4 of which have traction tires.
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Just a quick note of caution. MRF is an international forum and Fleischmann is an international company.... this may seem blindingly obvious but what I am saying is that the company produces different "one time" or limited editions for different countries and what may be available in, say, Denmark, may not appear on, say, the UK market.

I think that point was brought up in another thread. Personally I just hate when they do that. I wonder how the rest of you feel?
I didn't know they did that and I am very surprised.
It doesn't bother me at a personal level, but I bet it bothers quite a few people. I see no point in a manufacturerer annoying any part of its potential customer base. It strikes me as very short sighted and, sorry to say, downright stupid.
I have a question. If these are available in Germany isn't it easy then to order what you wish?
We have now received examples of both these limited editions. They are absolutely fantastic! The HO version is quite remarkable, the T9 2-6-0T must have had a complete re-tool and the chassis features dull rods and valve gear making it much more realistic than the shiny silver versions. The rolling stock has the correct webbed wheelsets and the lettering (Fleischmann use a "tamp on" system - I kid you not!) is amazing, even down to the wording applied to the glazing. The balconies are incredibly detailed on the coaches and some of the windows are partly open. My only gripe (and it's a small one) is that the motor still partly fills the cab. Prices will start from £260 odd in the UK.

The N scale set is, if anything, even more stunning! It has all the detail of the HO set including full cab detail on the Class G4 (and I still don't know where they put the decoder on the digital version!). Anyone modelling the Prussian railways for the period can slowly acquire a full set of locos and rolling stock if they subscribe to the limited editions each year! Prices for this set will be from about £200 in the UK.


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Fleischmann have been making some great Epoch 1 Prussian and Bavarian (mainly Prussian) sets and individual models since 1980. They have always been superbly detailed and colourful, even if they are at premium prices.

I don't understand why we don't have more British pre grouping models in the UK, i.e. equal to the German Epoch 1 time period. There is of course the Hornby Terrier.

The liveries and diversity are fabulous. So, is there a call out there for models in pre grouping liveries?
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