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For larger view click here and more info in German here.
QUOTE The goods train with passenger accomodation, known as the „GmP", of the Royal Prussian Railways (K.P.E.V.) was an everyday sight throughout the early Epoch I period. It's hauled by a steam engine of the class T 9.3 (H0) / G 4.3 (N «piccolo»). The FLEISCHMANN model is presented in the original black/brown-green/red-brown livery. The colourful liveries of the regional („Länderbahn") rolling stock are great eye-catchers for every railway fan.
The HO set can be had with either an AC or DC version locomotive. The DC version comes with standard NEM 651 socket to install a decoder. Drive is on all 6 driving wheels with 2 traction tyres.

The N «piccolo» (Dare I say Scale) version's locomotive comes in both Analog and Digital and follows standard Fleischmann practice with drive in the tender through all six wheel, 4 of which have traction tires.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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