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The Railway Channel BIG news!

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Mark Found of The Railway Channel has some big news.

QUOTE The big news, and for us it doesn't get any bigger, is that from March 1st The Railway Channel will become a free site. That's right - we'll continue making the programmes just as we have done for the last year but you will no longer have to pay to see them!

That we can now make this possible is thanks to our good friends at YouTube and, although we'll beginning in quite a modest way, we hope to build the channel up into a first port of call for UK railway enthusiasts around the world.

If you'd like to contribute, in whatever way, then we'd love to hear from you - please use the "contact us" button and let us know what you'd like to see and what you'd like to do. Already we've had offers of contribution from programme makers, cameramen, experts and writers - so the future looks very bright and one of the best things that you can do - right now - is tell everyone you know about it. More visitors means more programmmes so spread the word!

It's an exciting time as we take full advantage of the internet in order to bring like minded rail enthusists together and celebrate the world's greatest hobby - we hope that you'll enjoy the ride.

Visit The Railway Channel Today!

The Railway Channel

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Thats mega news and could have wide reaching consequences as it suddenly makes the internet somewhat more appealing to advertisers who might sponsor webcasts.

A resource like The Railway Channel available to the general public free of charge courtesy of YouTube will absolutely fuel interest in model railways. What chance Hornby, Bachmann and others now taking a serious interest in web sponsorship and actually advertising with webcasts on third party websites?

They produce a promotional webcasts and the site advertising the video earns a fee per view. Would you view promotional webcast advertising?

When you think that Hornby and Bachmann probably spend £1000 on a full page colur add in a magazine think what they could do with that £1000 if they made a webcast video advert!

And what impact might this have on website content?

Advertisers clearly would choose where to place adverts.

As an example would you be more inclined to buy DCC products if you watched a 10 minute promotional webcast of the product in action?

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Good news.

We can also embed the videos here. This is their latest video:

Warley Part Two and Colne Valley Part Two
The second of five part look at the 2006 National Model Railway Exhibition.

The Warley Show promo video looks fantastic!

I recognise a few of the folk featured! Does anybody here recognise anybody? You might see yourself!

I'm on the right collecting tickets during the initial rush to get in when the doors opened.

Click the link to go to the page to view it:-

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A bit of hot news from the club visit tonight. Mark Found of The Railway Channel will be at the Warley MRC Open Day this Sunday 11th February between 11am and 4pm subject to any last minute change of plans. He will be filming for The Railway Channel. You will have an opportunity to meet Mark in person!

6 layouts have been set up with a few under construction although operational and there will be workshop demonstrations. Visitors are welcome to bring along their own locomotives and try them out on the exhibition layouts!

Further details of the Warley MRC Open Day by clicking the link:-

Warley MRC Open Day

I'll be there also of course! Just look out for the gent who resembles the character playing around with Dynamis at the top of the London Toy Fair news story! There is a link below:-

London Toy Fair 2007

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