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The Railway Channel - Issue 11

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The Foxfield Railway

One of the country's friendliest railways this celebration of our industrial heritage is certainly worth a visit -if it's only via the spectacular pictures that are offered here. The film is a celebration of sight, sound and steam and with Ludwig contributing to the music.

Weekend Return

Mark Found and the team went to Melksham and visited the Mega Models exhibiton held by the Bentley MRG. It was worth the trip with Maiden Lane, Meon Valley, Morewenstow Riverside and Chard St James amongst those layouts featured.

The Club

Visits North East Suffolk and the Waveney Valley MRC. A small club it's best known for the spectacular Southwold Exhibition held every year and featured on The Railway Channel.

Hidden Treasure

Features G Scale and Bob Soundy's "The Cascades", so named as he planned to have something of a water feature - which never actually happened. Still, we think you'll like the harbour feature that uses small pieces of slate to create the desired effect.

Visit the site now:

For a free trailer, click here.
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I've never been a great supporter of The Railway Channel (my personal opinion is that anything and everything on the internet should be free or supported by advertising)
However, opinions change and after seeing some filming in progress I revisited recently
If I am not mistaken the website (business) was intended to be an internet-based channel, however, a range of DVDs has now taken over

A previous trailer had a great blooper in it
Right at the end the ordering mobile phone number appears and Mark reads it out three times
However, the second time the digits are read in the wrong order!
And of course, the latest competition mentioned had to roll over to Trailer Eleven!
Free content is great, but quality content does cost. Time and money has to be covered. Advertising is one way, this subscription method is another.

I'm happy to see it ad free and I think that the quality is brilliant. Not every subject is to my taste, but at least I can see how the other guys do things their way.

The DVDs allow you to get to see the videos full size and on your TV. Make it DVD only? I don't know. Internet delivery of this sort of content is in it's infancy and at least Mark and his associates are trying to make it work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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