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The Railway Channel is a free broadband television service bringing railway related programmes to like minded people. We have an extensive library and we are currently filming new programmes. Whilst we are building our new site enjoy the films that we have on offer and please do feel free to ask us to feature something of particular interest to you.

Monday 5th March Mangapps Farm Railway
Based in Essex farmer John Jolly has built up an extensive collection of memorabilia - including full size stations, signal boxes, rolling stock and locomotives. Fortunately he also has the room to put all these together and form a railway which we visited at the height of summer.

Tuesday 6th March - The Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadoc)
With a much bigger and famous brother just down the road the Welsh Highland Railway (Porthmadoc) has had to find is own place in life - which it has done and now boasts over 1,000 volunteers and an appeal that's unique.

Wednesday 7th March - Peverels Orchard Railway
Wednesday is our regular night for garden railways and this is a mighty one. The realisation of a dream for Adrian and Carol Munns this dual gauge line will, for most of us, remain just that - a dream.

Thursday 8th March - Southport MRC
Thursday night is club night on TRC and this week we visit Southport whose home is in an old station next to the Merseyrail system. No one, but no one, will ever get as close to the tracks as this lot - watch and see.

Friday 9th March - Weekend Return - Hartlepool
Mark Found travelled the country last year visiting the best model railway shows. For the next few weeks we're bringing you highlights of the number one rated show on the channel and we begin on a scorching hot day in the North East.

Weekend Film - Saturday and Sunday 10th & 11th March
Join us for a look at the East Anglian Railway Museum, a fascinating collection of all things Eastern - and on the day of our visit a J15 was in service!
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