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The Railway Channel is a free broadband television service bringing railway related programmes to like minded people. We have an extensive library and we are currently filming new programmes. Whilst we are building our new site enjoy the films that we have on offer and please do feel free to ask us to feature something of particular interest to you.

Monday 26th March "The Monday Film" A Day In The Life Of... A Railway Chaplain

Humphrey Gillott let's us peek into the little known world of the railway chaplain"on hand to tend to the needs of all railway workers around the UK.

Tuesday 27th March "Steam Tuesday" The Swanage Railway

A well known and popular railway the Swanage Railway is set in some beautiful countryside.

Wednesday 28th March "Hidden Treasure" Richard Everett's Double Fairlie
A stunning pice of engineering in full scale"a marvel when built for a 5" gauge railway. Richard's locomotive isn't the only exceptional pice of workmanship in this Bedfordshire back garden

Thursday 29th March "The Club" Waveney Valley

Housed in an old farm building the Waveny Valley may not be one of the best known model railway clubs"but by golly their annual show in Southwold is! We look at the background of this club that features talented modellers and an industrious PR man!

Friday 30th March "Weekend Return" Heathcote
Discovery Channel's Mark Found spent last year travelling the country visiting the best model railway shows. This week he's in Shepshed casting his eye over all things O gauge

Saturday and Sunday 31st March and Sunday 1st April "The Weekend Film" The Glasgow Subway
Glasgow can certainly be proud of its subway that's clean, efficient and well run. Jennifer Johnston takes us behind the scenes.

The Railway Channel is free to all members of the railway community and aims to make programmes that its viewers want to see. Visit and tell us what you'd like to see on this fast growing, innovative, internet site
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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