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The Railways of Scotland

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While at home recently I was stocking up on everything rail related that I could get my hands on. I came across this series. The Railways of Scotland. There are twelve DVDs in the series which cover all areas and routes of Scotland. These focus on the days of steam and show many rail lines that have now been ripped up.

This series of railway videos offers the most comprehensive archive coverage of Scotland's railway system currently available from any producer. The programmes feature primarily steam traction, although a wide variety of early diesel and electric traction is included. Filmed between late 1920s and the 1970s the scenes also include trams, trolley buses, shipping and rarities such as the Bennie 'railplane'! When combined with film of the stations, depots and branchlines that formed Scotland's rail network until the wholesale closures of the 1960s, this railway video series makes fascinating viewing.

I bought the first one in the series and will now probably buy them all now. Well worth viewing for an insight into how the railways used to be for those of us too young to remember.

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