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The Railways of Telford (UK)

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A recent gift (December 2021) from a valued colleague, to mark my pending retirement and my move to Telford, was 'Railways of Telford' by David Clarke

This is my review of the book which, as you will read, should become a primer for me for exploring Telford and Wrekin and the wider area of East Shropshire!
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The Wellington & Severn Junction Railway (W&SJR) - Part 1

This is the first post about the different railway routes in Telford. The W&SJR ran through Lawley and Dawley which are within a mile or so of our home in Malinslee, Telford.

“The Wellington and Severn Junction Railway … was built between 1857 [and] 1861 and formed part of the Wellington to Craven Arms Railway. For much of its working life, it was operated by the Great Western Railway and subsequently the Western Region of British Railways.”
The first post about the W&SJR on this thread looked at the length from Wellington Station to Horsehay & Dawley Station. This next post covers the length from Horsehay & Dawley Station to Lightmoor Station. ....

This post completes the review of the Wellington & Severn Junction Railway route. .....

The LNWR Coalport Branch - Part 1

After the construction of the Wellington and Severn Junction Railway (W&SJR) and it being included in the GWR network, the LNWR found it necessary to take an interest in the Shropshire Canal as an alternative means of accessing the area.

The industrial areas immediately North of the River Severn were served by a whole series of tramroads which linked to the River Severn or to the Shropshire Canal and eventually to the W&SJR. Increasing problems with the Shropshire Canal led the LNWR to conclude that it needed to replace it, and the Coalport Branch was the result.

This is the first of a series of articles about the line:

The LNWR Coalport Branch again. ...

Just after publishing the first article about the branch, I received an email from David Clarke offering some photos from his collection This prompted another look for photos on my part.

This addendum to the first article is prompted by David's email and includes a few other items as well. ...

The LNWR Coalport Branch - Part 2

This second length of the Branch runs from what was Malins Lee Station (although the area is now known as Malinslee) to Madeley Market Station. ....

The LNWR Coalport Branch - Part 3

The final length of the Branch running from Madeley Market Station to Coalport East Station

The Coalport Branch once more ....

Another addendum which focusses on the first, the northern, section of the Branch. .....

The Railways of Telford – The Coalport Branch Part 1B – An Addendum – Oakengates
The Coalport Branch again. .....

Immediately after publishing an article about the most southerly length of the Coalport branch, I was contacted by Ian Turpin who had constructed a model of Coalport East Station. This addendum is written with his kind permission using photos of his model. ....

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