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The Rhubarb Triangle Line

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Earlier this year Chris, my good lady suggested that we alter the garden to remove hazards for her and to give me the space to have a garden railway.

At that point the garden looked like this with the red lines marking the suggested route of the prospective garden railway.

The last shot gives an idea of the challenges involved because the red line in this one marks a water course that ran most of last year

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Thanks for posting that. I look forward to updates, in due course.

Must admit that I have a soft spot for the idea of garden railways. Indoors 4mm to the foot is about as large as I can fit in comfortably. Although some people in the UK have done OO garden layouts, I think the climate, vegetation and wildlife where I live would be a bit fierce for smaller scale garden layouts.
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Next job was to talk to a landscape gardener to get a price. The idea at this point was to plan this year and do next year - plans change!

While talking to the landscaper I asked about recycling and when he said that they didn't have room to store it and that it all went for crushing we decided to recycle as much as we could ourselves offering friends and neighbours anything that we couldn't make use of.

This is what the garden looked like after a couple of months of recycling upheaval.

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The landscapers were supposed to start on 26th of August (Bank holiday Monday) but we got a call on the Sunday afternoon asking if they could start 4 days later on the Friday as they were behind on a previous job. We agreed to this (I am not sure what he would have done if we hadn't - probably just not turned up).

But to give credit where it's due they arrived as promised at 8:30 on the Friday and this is what the garden looked like at lunchtime on day one.

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Crikey, it looks like you're building a model Crossrail

Best wishes with it, I'm trying to work out whether I can afford an outdoor set up. At least by the time I've saved up it will be summer again, but not necessarily next summer!

Edit to add:

Hope you don't mind, but here's my Rhubarb line:

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This next posting just about brings us up to date. Fast forward to last Thursday and the board that I am using for the track bed arrived. These are Medite Tricoya MDF which is guaranteed about ground for 50 years - not cheap at £138 for an 8 x 4 sheet (and they are 8 x 4 not the metric equivalent!). Chris worked out that we could get all that we needed from 4 sheets and she was right....

Thursday and Friday evenings were spent cutting out the curves.

Once they were all cut out we put them together to check that they did indeed make a circle.

We then tested the route around the garden.

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The rest of the timber and metpost spikes were delivered yesterday morning. So following on from the photo's above, I cut out all the straight sections from some of the off cuts and we then arranged the spikes to see where the posts would go.

The plan to day is to start getting the posts and the supports in place while the weather is still kind.
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Lovely! I hope you enjoy both railway and garden. With the spikes as they are it is as if you have some kind of old religion site there!

I'm afraid my Rhubarb Line was an April Fool's Day stunt. The tube is a lavatory paper inner & that is as far as the track goes. The rhubarb was very tasty, though...
A start was made today in getting the track bed laid. The first job was to put some decking boards across the stream bed to make it easier to step across.

Then we moved on to getting the first metpost in to get the styarting level and we were off...

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Wow... Looks amazing! And in only 3 days
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