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The Rhubarb Triangle Line

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Earlier this year Chris, my good lady suggested that we alter the garden to remove hazards for her and to give me the space to have a garden railway.

At that point the garden looked like this with the red lines marking the suggested route of the prospective garden railway.

The last shot gives an idea of the challenges involved because the red line in this one marks a water course that ran most of last year

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Hi Rob,

Anymore been done on your outdoor railway? Is it fully up and running now?
Hi Paul,

Sadly not, all the track is laid and ready to wire up, but I have been side tracked by a friend trying to talk me into going wireless in the garden which will make sense in saving a lot of work wiring it up. I just need to save the funds to by the bits and pieces to make it happen now.
Hi Rob,

Fair enough. I assume your friend means using radio control? I have several R/C cars and aircraft and I can see the advantage certainly especially now as you can get some really good small powerful batteries and radio gear. I use 2.4ghz for my R/C stuff as there is almost no chance of any interference.

Good luck with it all mate.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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