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The ROCO Loco Carrier case

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I bought this at the Dortmund fair and cursing myself of why I didn't buy a couple more. Price was around 6 euro's.

We all one way or another take our precious loco's to either a friend, an exhibition or to run on a club layout. However, knowing that to tuck your weathered loco's back into their god awful designed boxes is one reason to put you off in doing so. Well this small handy loco carrier comes in for the rescue. Its lined up with cushions all around and all you have to do is tuck them loco's inside it. It comes with two detachable cushion thingys to gently squeeze and secure the loco two ends in moving inside.You zip and off you go.
Highly recommended.

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Would not fancy putting a Hornby loco in one - you can bet all those detailing bits made from the horrible brittle plastic that they use will break off.
Believe me it wont ! will if you try to put it back into its own box tough.
Roco steamers are full of these brittle tiny parts and I had no problem during transportation.

Probably as the Roco plastic as not as brittle as Hornbys - quite why Sanda Kan use such stuff is beyond me, Kader (ie Bachmann) manage equally fine details in a plastic that is far more forgiving of mishandling.
Hi Erkut,

Good solution to moving locos following weathering & addition of parts that come as extras which never allow them to go back in the box without damage
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I have 39 locos to move soon + 40 coaches + 120 wagons ( at least). Any ideas?
Hi Patrick,

Try a good stout cardboard box filled with a layer of the polystyrene peanuts as they call them look like figure 8's in the base then place your models in allowing plenty of space around them fill up with lots more polystrene peanuts keep upright & they should be fine i have sent several static delicate models through the post using this method without damage.

QUOTE (patrick draper @ 17 Oct 2010, 18:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have 39 locos to move soon + 40 coaches + 120 wagons ( at least). Any ideas?
If you want something strong and stackable try 4 litre really useful boxes - you can place your stock in them on there wheels and use some foam padding as necccessary for protection. Typically one will take 5 Mk1 coaches and 4 4-wheel wagons.
That looks really good. I wonder if Modelbahn Kramm sells them?


Thanks for the reply. I will try and get some. I do have many of the boxes but it will take for ever to put the items in them and then there may be damage. I have had the boxes years but they take up so much room that I will bin them. I have no intention of selling any of my locos etc.
***The luxury version.... Drive on/off for even the biggest loco or even an MU set, serious protection of the loco and the moulded cover makes a fine loco service cradle too.... so you NEVER need to handle the delicate diesel or remove loco to tender connections again. The use of a velveteen on the outside isn't just for looks by the way - it gives a good comfortable grip much better than paper.


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