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The Royal - 22/06

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I don't normally watch The Royal or anything much as my ariel is ++++++++, however last night while I was in the workshop, Brian and his good lady were watching their recording of it when I was summonsed to give my view on the train crash sequence.

Initially I thought there was some clever use of the Hornby model, a real class 31 and CGI - now I'm not so sure.

If anyone saw it I would appreciate your viewpoint.

I am assuming it was the North Yorks Moors that was used for filming, and it also appears that the series III Land Rover appeared in Yorkshire three years before anywhere else!

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I believe it was "staged" using a redundant Class 31 and Mk 1s, craned into position. Not quitw sure about the coach lying across the loco but pretty impressive none the less. Just one thought, what were all the piles of straw bales hiding?

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