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Its worth mentioning that Pat Hammond's new book is now available. If you want a signed copy then there are details below in connection with how you can obtain a signed first edition. The book is a "must have" for all collectors and those interested in the history of Hornby. If you contact Pat please mention that you found the information at

This volume traces the product (now called Hornby Railways) under DCM ownership from 1972 until their collapse in the early '80s. It continues with Hornby Hobbies as an independent company, up to 1996. This includes the highly productive years of the 1980s and 1990s to the inevitable transfer of production to China.

Over 600 locomotive variations were produced during this time as well as numerous coaches, wagons , buildings etc. The book covers every known model as well as many hundreds of train sets produced during the 25 years of Hornby Railways. It also includes many models that Hornby considered making but abandoned and there are photographs of the samples of these made at the time. With over 500 pages, more than 1,000 coloured photographs were needed to illustrate the book. There is also a chapter devoted to other products which were sold under the Hornby name including Hornby Minitrix, Playtrains, Thomas the Tank Engine, 3.D.S, Hornby Stamps, Hornby Toys, Minic Ships, Hornby Steam etc.

Signed Copies - The price is £50 and signed copies are available from the author for this price plus postage (£7 in UK. Its a heavy book!
). Cheques must be made out to 'Pat Hammond' and sent with your postal address to: Hammond Publishing, PO Box 199, Scarborough, YO11 3GT. Overseas sales require a Sterling cheque for the cover price plus the relevant postage. To check what this will be, e-mail Pat Hammond at [email protected]

Please remember to mention

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