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Barry Potter is the leading auctioneer and valuer of model train collectables in the UK as well as an organiser of the countries leading and largest swapmeets. There will be many collectors who have crossed paths with him. His new book shortly to be released may be of interest.

The Toy Job by Barry Potter - Hardback, colour illustrated, 200 page

Barry Potter describes the pleasures and trials of organising toy collectors fairs, the setting up and running of auctions, the buying and selling of toys and trains and puts his own slant on the joys of collecting.

An auctioneer for many years, Barry founded his own auction company, which is now a part of Vectis Auctions Ltd. He has been an organiser of toy collectors fairs since 1979, including the internationally renowned Sandown Park Fair. An avid collector and a former dealer in toys and trains, Barry takes the reader from his having a train set as a boy to turning a hobby into a flourishing business. He covers the early days of swapmeets to the toy and train scene today, and offers the reader his views and unique perspective on it all.

On sale soon at £9.95 (plus p&p)

Knowing Barry I have a sneeking feeling it will be an interesting read!

Happy modelling
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