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QUOTE (Nathan)There seems to be a bit of moaning about Peco on this board, but I'm not sure if the issue is more with track reliability and durability or just the modelling accuracy of its appearance.

What's the scale of track quality? Is Peco better than Hornby, and what makes Fleischmann track better than those?

As being one of the Peco moaners i suppose i should post here. firstly i think they make excellent HO track. it is extreamly reliable and i use it on my own layout but it does have little things that bug me.
the switch blades with a hinge in the middle are my main one. i just hate it. points arnt like that.

My second moan is that it realls isnt OO track. i know the gauge is wrong anyway but i think far more could be done to make it look more acceptable.

My biggest moan is more to do with the company itself than with the products they produce. they are making basically the same products as they have been since before i was born (not just peco but its constituent companies), there is nothing wrong with this but they have barely added to it at all.

a long time ago Peco used to be inovators. but i think it has totally lost that.

Tillig seem to be taking up the challenge fairly well and i look forward to seeing how the situation developes. I think there will always be a trainset market for Peco track. but i think the serious mnodellers will switch more and more to Tillig. Tillig track is also HO but it look far better under a OO loco than Peco does.
the disadvantage of the tillig track is that it dosent have a latch to hold the blades over so it has to be fixed to a point motor.

There was something about a month ago that i think summed it up perfectly. they produced a new settrack curve. and there was a news item about it. but what can you actually say about a set track curve. yes its a curve. wow. gee-wizz.
it reminded me of the first episode of "the good life" where tom is working in the plastic toy firm and the boss askes him into his office and gives him the name of a new toy and tom can hardly stop himself from laughing.
I thnk someone at peco came out of his office into the factory and shouted "eureka- a new curve"

I find their magazine-Railway Modeller to be pretty much the same. the Ratio coach kits are actually very good. but i dont think they have done one in my lifetime. i am building kits that were first made before i was born. and because of that you can walk around the layouts and spot the ratio signal box on at least 3 different layouts.

I find it ery frustrating when the companys (Peco Ratio etc..) have soo much potential. I have heard it said that they prefer to inovate at their own speed. that is fair enough-30 years ago, but i dont think the company can suceed like in this day and age. its just too cut throat and now there are other companies lurking in the shadows.

The bottom line is that i dont want to see a great brittish company go to the wall. but i am bored with their products and i am moving on and Peco is not moving with me.

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