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Just thought I'd throw something new into the ring. A few years ago I tried my hand at hand laid track. It was very frustrating at first learning how to lay track all over again and making points, whew did use a blue langauge. But in the end it all worked very well but it was just so time consuming staining wooden sleepers, setting the first rail and so on. I went to Peco code 75 live frog stuff for my next layout but in truth I'm not real happy with it. The straight flex track is okay but their points aren't the best. So I've been looking at hand laying again and I found this company
Now it is a Canadian company so their track is to US spec ie code 70, code 83 and code 100 with code 83 being the norm in the US. The guages and templates supplied seem to be universal for code 70 and code 83 so therefore should work with code 75. I'm oing to make a few more enquires as there appears to be a local supplier here and get a few more details before I commit to test piece.

1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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