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The track conundrum

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I may be getting a little ahead of myself here, given that I'm just starting up and have no track of any kind, but picking up on discussions about OO/HO track in here has made me think about progressing from track in a starter set.

Now I think one of the Hornby DCC sets looks like a good bet for getting started, probably the mixed goods as you get a working set up and save a few quid at the same time.

However, it may not be long before I start getting additional track and this is where things get tricky it seems. There is varying opinion of course, but it seems continuing with hornby track may not be the best thing. Some say they stick with Peco Streamline, stating that the points are more reliable, but here there are also references to Fleischmann Profi, Tillig and so on, further complicating the choice.

There seems to be a bit of moaning about Peco on this board, but I'm not sure if the issue is more with track reliability and durability or just the modelling accuracy of its appearance.

What's the scale of track quality? Is Peco better than Hornby, and what makes Fleischmann track better than those?

If anyone can help out with their own experience I'd appreciate it!
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QUOTE (Rail-Rider @ 14 Mar 2007, 16:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>DB, have you any more information on "Geoline"?
This is a new name to me and it has my ears all pricked up!
The (Roco) in brackets sounds as though you may have some insight on what is going on there
Come on - spill some more beans!

Geoline is made by Roco & is supplied in their starter sets - I am pretty certain that it is code 100 - we have some starter sets on order & will check & let you know when it turns up. The range is fairly limited at the moment.

The Rocoline with trackbed is the range that used to have the rubbery trackbed - the patent of this trackbed was owned by one of the directors of the now defunt company so I doubt if we will see it again. The Rocoline now available is exactly the same except it does not have the roadbed.

Have a look at the Roco website

There we go - more spilt beans !
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QUOTE There is also the argument about using scale-correct RP25 wheels. I have no problem with modellers using RP25 wheels - it is their own personal choice which they are entitled to. I have however noticed that rolling stock with RP25 wheels derail more frequently than those fitted with the standard continental type wheels, especially over points and through double slips. And to be quite honest, at a normal viewing distance one can hardly if at all tell the difference between a RP25 wheel and a standard continental type wheel.

I have found this too. I honestly think RP25 wheels are a big mistake as regards using them as standard. I have these on a lot of my models but only because the model came with them. As Johan points out you cannot see any difference and they enable trains to derail readily. Another example of river counters ruining the hobby.

There should be an option to put these kind of wheels on later if that is your choice but there is no way that they should be standard. We need to remember that the majority of people who run trains have train sets and just want to see them go round without derailing.
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yes, sorry. someone mentioned C&L and SMP. i supose they do make flexi but i have always asociated them with hand built trackwork.

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