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The wonder of the web

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It is an amazing thing, the web, and this forum.
This is really just a big thank-you to you all for being here and being full of useful information!
I seem to find lots of problems but every time someone knows a solution.
This week I made what I thought was a major wiring boob, but after a quick post here the delightful Richard Johnson supplied a neat and simple answer, I ordered the required part from DCC supplies via the web the same day, and it arrived the next morning!
So a special thanks to both, and to the web in general just for being here.
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I know exactly what you mean.

I think its fantastic that people from all corners of the globe can be united in a common interest. I think its something that people are very blaze about but i think its fantastic!

I remember trying to build a layout in about 1994. I was using Jouef track and ran into problems wiring it all up. Sure the Internet was around then, but the nearest thing to a forum was Compuserve and there was nothing of interest then in those days.

My problems with wiring and track-work caused me to give it all up until I started again in about 2004. With the wonders of the web I was able to get going again - this time properly.
Prior to the advent of the web I suppose we had to either venture out to the library to see if they had anything on the subject, carry out lengthy postal/phone correspondence with suppliers and specialists, buy a book - if one was available, or write to the model railway mag of ones choice and hope they answered.

Certainly the internet and forums generally have caused a faster flow of information than was possible before.

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