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Hi all. I've got two questions, but rather than start two topics, I thought I'd show my ignorance off in one!

I am looking for some small-ish "WD" type decals to put on a repainted 0-4-0 tank. I haven't got a clue who does anything suitable, so could anyone point me please? I am also after a set of nameplates of some sort for the same engine (think Colonel Stephens-type image, and you're about there). Again, anyone know who does plates?

The other thing is, (and I suspect the answer to this is no), does anyone have any idea when Dapol are likely to be sending out their next batch of B800 Track Cleaners? I have had the money put aside for some time now, but if they are going to be a fair while yet, I think I'll use the money on something less important, like eating!

Thanks for any help you can give me, folks.
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