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Think my DCC system needs updating

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currently have a Lenz Set2, and I think I need to upgrade to a new system. I would like to use 4 didit addresses, control points, sound and maybe use computer control. I dont think the Set 2 will do. What would be your recommendations? While I was at Warley yesterday it was suggested by a certain DCC supplier I go for a Set 100 but what other choices do I have?


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QUOTE (John @ 4 Dec 2006, 21:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Dear All,

You might want to take a look at a Roco Mulitmaus as another option if you want to avoid spending too much at this stage. Many Germans or Austrians buy a Roco digital starter set and then sell the Multimaus on eBay, as they don't want or need it. This way you can get a Multimaus for less than a 100 euros (67 pounds) and that's quite a good controller with many features found on more advanced systems.

I am still using my old Lokmaus 2 on the test track for running locos in and basic programming (just setting the address usually). It only cost me 50 euros (35 pounds) a few years ago. The new Mulitmaus has a lot more features and functions. You can also use these Roco controllers on any Xpressnet system like Lenz, if you do upgrade later, or you can sell it on eBay and recover the investment.

Here is a list of features, so you can check if it fits the requirements :-

Ergonomic design
Control dial with zero key and recessed grip
Improved usability due to more function keys
Direct access to functions
Function keys available up to F 20
High performance micro controller
9999 locomotive addresses
Programmable locomotive names
Alphanumeric display of locomotive names and locomotive database
1024 turnout addresses can be accessed
Up to 255 CVs
Display background lighting
Custom LCD
Compatible to Locomouse 2® and Locomouse R3
Compatible to Lenz system

You can download and read the manual (in English) from this link

Make sure you get the set and not just the Multimaus. The Multimaus set should come with the Multimaus (part #10810) transformer (#10725) and command station (#10764), plus programming track, cables and manual. Some eBay sellers are offering the Multimaus (#10810) by itself for similar prices that other sellers are asking for the set.

John Russell
Vienna, Austria

Having just purchased this very set, I fully concur with everything John says, this is a super system & incredible value for money..

My previous Lokmaus 2 has served me well for the past 3-4 years and I needed to upgrade to access the 8 functions on my new Lenz O gauge V36..

I am pleased to say, it performs perfectly


Stevie B
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