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Thinking about a new DCC system - please help me decide

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OK, I have a great DCC system. My Lenz 100 system does everything I want except for a few things. It does have a few limits though, so is there a system out there that can match all my requirements?

Lenz is great except:
  • I can switch easily between two locos, but I often run more. Running more requires more cabs or a better system of switching between locos with one cab. The Lenz switches between tow locos with the Esc key. If you want to control a third or more, you have to dial it in or look for the list (pile) and select the loco you want.
  • I have XpressNET sockets around my track, but plugging and unplugging the cab controller is a pain. I want wireless.
What I want from a DCC system:
  • Simplicity
  • Programmability
  • Expandability
  • Manoeuvrability (of the operator, i.e. wireless)
So what do you recommend?
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Thanks for your replies guys. Some were expected - usual suspects with your systems

You know me though, I need more convincing. You can't just say that because you have x system then I too must get x system because it's the best.

I want wireless...
I'm not keen on the Dynamis wireless so Dynamis / ECoS is out (or I need more convincing)...
Need to see and test the Roco wireless system...
What about Zimo...?
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I'm sorry but NCE just doesn't appeal to me. Is it that much better than Lenz? It just doesn't seem to upgrade me from what I already have.

I have a large room to walk around and wireless seems logical. I have plenty of cabs and I can put one in each corner, so I can move from one to the other. I also have 4 Lenz Plug sockets, but I don't like the idea of setting a loco off and then unplugging and plugging in elsewhere to pick up control.

If Lenz had only remained passionate about DCC and come up with an updated system building on their older systems I'd happily upgrade to it.
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