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Thinking about a new DCC system - please help me decide

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OK, I have a great DCC system. My Lenz 100 system does everything I want except for a few things. It does have a few limits though, so is there a system out there that can match all my requirements?

Lenz is great except:
  • I can switch easily between two locos, but I often run more. Running more requires more cabs or a better system of switching between locos with one cab. The Lenz switches between tow locos with the Esc key. If you want to control a third or more, you have to dial it in or look for the list (pile) and select the loco you want.
  • I have XpressNET sockets around my track, but plugging and unplugging the cab controller is a pain. I want wireless.
What I want from a DCC system:
  • Simplicity
  • Programmability
  • Expandability
  • Manoeuvrability (of the operator, i.e. wireless)
So what do you recommend?
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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 16 Sep 2008, 22:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If you wanted to spend a lot more money you could get and ECoS with Mobile Control. The base station will allow you to readily switch between 12 locos and you can have another on the go on the wireless mobile.

It's updatable, easy to use, you can add more mobile controls if you want and programming is very easy. You can also continue to use your Lenz system through the Ecosniffer.

The ECOS is the way I went couple of yrs ago. It is updated to latest version (free from web site).
I still use my Lenz 90/100 thru sniffer port of Ecos as walk around throttles. I have had my Lenz updated to V3.6 which now gives access to 28 functions and storage of up to 12 addresses in LH100 controller + other features.
I have the ESU mobile ( radio) control thru ECOS. Unfortunately, the Mobile control is no longer available but, as stated in earlier post, the new radio control for ECOS is not far away.
If you are prepared to spend the money, the above will give you a DCC system that is future proofed and very few systems would be equal to it.
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