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Thinking about a new DCC system - please help me decide

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OK, I have a great DCC system. My Lenz 100 system does everything I want except for a few things. It does have a few limits though, so is there a system out there that can match all my requirements?

Lenz is great except:
  • I can switch easily between two locos, but I often run more. Running more requires more cabs or a better system of switching between locos with one cab. The Lenz switches between tow locos with the Esc key. If you want to control a third or more, you have to dial it in or look for the list (pile) and select the loco you want.
  • I have XpressNET sockets around my track, but plugging and unplugging the cab controller is a pain. I want wireless.
What I want from a DCC system:
  • Simplicity
  • Programmability
  • Expandability
  • Manoeuvrability (of the operator, i.e. wireless)
So what do you recommend?
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QUOTE I'm not keen on the Dynamis wireless so Dynamis / ECoS is out (or I need more convincing)...

Is that because of the controller design, in which case fair enough, or because you don't want IR? If the latter, then I would point out that the ECoS is "proper" wireless not IR like the Dynamis which is why the ECoS unit costs more than a complete Dynamis system.

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