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Thinking about a new DCC system - please help me decide

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OK, I have a great DCC system. My Lenz 100 system does everything I want except for a few things. It does have a few limits though, so is there a system out there that can match all my requirements?

Lenz is great except:
  • I can switch easily between two locos, but I often run more. Running more requires more cabs or a better system of switching between locos with one cab. The Lenz switches between tow locos with the Esc key. If you want to control a third or more, you have to dial it in or look for the list (pile) and select the loco you want.
  • I have XpressNET sockets around my track, but plugging and unplugging the cab controller is a pain. I want wireless.
What I want from a DCC system:
  • Simplicity
  • Programmability
  • Expandability
  • Manoeuvrability (of the operator, i.e. wireless)
So what do you recommend?
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If I were in the market for a new system, I would probably buy an EcoS. However I would look very carefully at the CT Elektronik ZF5/HR3. This has a very impressive specification with a wireless option and a competitive price. The hand controller has a solid feel of quality. I have not seen any reports on how good in operation and how reliable the system is, so it is something of an unknown quantity. The firm is noted more for technological innovation than good customer communication, but the system is sold in the UK by Digital Supplies and Digitrains, so you could ask them about the merits of the equipment.
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