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Welcome to the Forum.

An interest in model railways early on and being forced me to-do-it myself also helped me with my science and took me to Uni.

Just like in your experience, interest in modelling was revived when my son was old enough. We then bought him a Sinclair ZX81 for Christmas in 1980, and now he is in very gainful employment as computer programmer.

So parents, the moral must be, whatever you do make sure that your kids get constructive toys that stretch the abilities.

Best of luck with the layout. I am fortunate to have mine on the ground floor and I have made it fully portable. It shall not have to be scrapped if I move.

I agree that we need a lot of space to do it right if we opt for main line situations. I suggest that you settle for half a main line station disappearing into a fiddle yard where you can change passenger locos, with a small MPD and a place to change locos on goods trains. Otherwise it is always the Hand of God in the fiddle yard that changes them.

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