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First Great Western have signed up a "poet on the platform". Read the full story here on the BBC website.

What will they think of next to attract punters? Trains which run on time?


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Hardly an original idea is it? Poor commuters in the South Yorkshire area had to suffer the "bard of Barnsley" a few years ago on services. Perhaps if they want to win favour with commuters FGW could cut the garnish and try to provide a reasonable level of rail service once in a while. Interesting idea there FGW and decent service in the same sentence.

Presumably commuter numbers will show a sudden dip around August 14th to 17th in the following areas then.....
Reading, Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Barnstaple, Paignton and Plymouth stations.
Wonder how much they're paying her for this.

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I like trains
diesel and steam
when it rains
I have to dream.

On line poetry?


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