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Hi all,

Having been to a few exhibitions now and read many reports from others, it seems that the younger kids don't really get chance to see let alone play with any of the layouts.

I've been thinking on this, and would welcome your thoughts,

I'm looking at building the Thomas & Friends trakmat layout in N-gauge, this will give two continuous loops....yes it can be done all with set track!
I have found a place where I can buy the N-gauge Thomas loco range, although converting them to DCC can be done but it's quite involved.
With a combination of Hornby Lyddle end and peco N-gauge, I should be able to make an almost exact copy of the complete traditional Hornby TrakMat layout.
Not only will this be set at a height that the younger kids can actually see it without a stool, but on the front will be two Bachmann EZ command companions, so they can also have a play as well!

These will be linked to the EZ command station which I will control at the back of the layout, just in case of trouble, I will set up the decoders to a slow max speed anyway using my PowerCab.

Points will be hand of god, it's just really for the little ones to play with.

Any thoughts, opinions?

Have I missed something?

Just thinking out loud, but I thought it would be a nice idea.

· Ian Wigglesworth
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Thought an update would be in order!

The layout is virtually finished!
A few more small items to buy and fit, cars people and the like.
Why is it these small items cost more than anything else, but you really need them just to bring the whole layout to life?

There are a few photo's and more info on my blog, along with a short video clip of my dad's sound chipped loco running round.
I actually bought the Loksound decoder and had it fitted for him for a birthday present!

It's all N-gauge and all of the Tomix "Thomas and friends" range of engines have been converted to run on DCC even Percy, had to have a CT Elektronic chip fitted to that as it's so small!

Waiting to see if a magzine will publish a small article on it.

Oh and it is all controlled by the EZ-command and two EZ-command companions which are at the front of the layout.
When/if I hear back from the magazines I can then post some more better images, I don't suppose I should really have put those in my blog, but I wanted others to see what can be achieved.
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