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Having perused the site looking in various cupboards in the Engine sheds, and posting a couple of replies, I though I'd better introduce myself.
Long tome hoarder of model railway stuff since being bought a Lima double set for a chrissie present in 1977 by my wife who just didn't know what else to buy me.
Embarked on an ambition to represent summer in 1950 on GRW rails - came to a halt when I got posted to Cyprus and by that time I'd got 54 steamers and 32 diseasels.
Modelling went dormant from 86 - 89 as I got posted from pillar to post and then died completely as we spent a small fortune in renovating our new home.
Then around 1999, we went to a show in Wakefield and my better half espied the Bachmann 0n30 sets on Tower Model's stand, she was hooked and so was I. This led to internet surfing and striking up many freindships in the USA in my pusuit of this new scale.
Of course this meant I had to go to the USA to see some of the Railroad layouts and the friends I had made and eventually a section of the 0n30 community made me a Railbaron. I now go every 2 yrs to the States and they keep me in a steady supply of kits and hard to find sundries.
Oh and we have large scale running in the garden during the summer.
0n30 is my ruling scale now, although I intend to resurrect the 00 layout when I retire.
Have gone over to DCC for 0n30 and have now got 16 locos fiited with with Sound decoders.
The beauty of modelling 0n30 in the UK is the ready supply of 00 chassis for kitbashing - their drivers and wheels are much nearer to prototype scale than H0 donor mechs.
There, now you know all about me!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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