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Three rail doesn't seem so popular and a lot of three rail locos are on e bay. Have a look and the prices are not very high (about 50 euro and sometimes little more or less). I have been tinkering with fixing a few hornby dublo and ended up buying (but very cheaply) some three rail chassis on e bay. I am trying to reselling them at the moment as spares. I am more interested in rebuildina couple of two rail hornby dublo. They are a bit pedestrian but very well built with a horseshoe type motor (an armature spinning in a horseshoe shaped magnetic field), making for an interestng style of motor construction.

The three rail system seems quite interesting and was (it would seem) an early way of running two locos on the same track. Presumably the centre rail was a pickup and the outer rals could be two returns so allowing two voltages. Anybody know any more about them. I'm sure there must be a few three rail enthusiasts out there

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