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Three rail items

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I have some three rail Hornby items that will no longer be used on my DCC set up.

these are circa 1956 to 1959.

EDL20 Bristol Castle in original box. Engine still runs and is in good condition.

O-6-2 tank engine running with original box in good condition

Set of WR coaches, 1st/2nd 2nd/brake and Resturant. Two with original boxes good conditin.

TPO set in with Western seral number. Contains Coach in v-good condition, three rail track, with the pick up arm (some surface rust on arm) collection basket, and attendents hut (shows some rust spots. two original mail bags and operating button. Box in v good condition. Date on box 14 April 1959

Any ideas where to go?
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Hi All
Fleischmann did use the catenary wire to control electric loco's on a separate controller. I have converted a few of these to DCC ,interestingly the motors are wired in reverse to the other loco's (+ve as the ground) and wheels are insulated from the track to the motor body to enable separate control
Regards Zmil
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