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munich dave recommended anyrail in another thread and after looking and trying the free trial version i decided this was simple enough for me as a novice to use to plan my winter n scale layout.

traffic is mostly electric and some diesel hi speed passenger traffic. all visible track will have viessman catenary eventually.

this is the 1st attempt, the layout is 4.6m long and 0.60m from front to back/depth. the 1st picture shows the ground level of the layout track plan - the blue coloured area is the area visible and the white area is all covered over by scenery & the next level of tracks above it. the red tracks are hidden inclines rising to the 1st level above ground which hasnt been drawn yet. so the only tracks visible on the ground level are 2 high speed lines emerging from and disappearing into tunnels.

when a train disappears into a tunnel it will either go onto a hidden track up to the next level (red tracks) or into a hidden "holding track/siding" (black tracks) and a different train will emerge from the tunnels or go up to the 1st level.

the 1st level above ground will feature a thru mainline station with 6 tracks.

im excited about this program - i just need to work out how to make flexi track fit odd shaped gaps that the fleischmann set track in this program leaves in a few spots!.

the real layout will use flexi track so the curves will be more gentle. the only "set" track will be points crossing and some of the tighter curves. the actual track used is fleischmann track with electro - frog points. each level of the layout will be served by its own power district of the dcc control system - fleischmann twin centre. points will also be dcc controlled using the fleischmann twin control purely for this purpose. signals will come at a later stage when time and money allows!.

tomorrow im going to start drawing the track plans for the next level up and the mainline thru station!. must get to bed now!

all comments are welcome, suggestions etc - im sure to learn something from someone!.

ps, im hoping that the size of this picture doesnt upset anyone, iv done everything i know how to make it as small as possible. on my own computer screen, the real version from the program fills the width of the screen and makes it much easier to read and see!
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