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ticking A3's

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Just a call for help on a problem I've discovered with a couple of my new Hornby A3's. They make a very annoying ticking while on the move. I've had Windsor Lad completely to pieces looking for the offending bit in the mechanism but to no avail.And just to prove that they don't all do it. I also have Great Northern which runs dead quiet but I only purcahsed that one for the display cabinet (typical).
So has anyone else had the same problem & managed to cure it?
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Are you sure it isn't the motion ?
A little bit of tweaking with the tweasers should make it go away IE increase the clearance for the rods. You arnt alone however read below.
From the news group rec.models.rail
Last night, the monthly open running night on our 00-Gauge layout. One
of the rare times when taking along one's own locomotives is positively
encouraged. The layout is basically a commercial undertaking and 'own
stock' running at other times is actively discouraged.

First out of the box a Hornby 4-6-0 Class 5MT which ran approximately
two 120ft circuits before the right hand cylinder jammed up at about
half speed, seized solid and scrambled up the running gear. Owner
ruefully said that it ran on test in the shop quite happily [for 4ft

Next out of the box a very nice airforce grey 'Pacific' [limited
addition - the grey wheeled job], This loco was also experiencing its
first real run, in fact its only known run as it was supplied by mail
order and possibly had not been supplier tested. It ran just one circuit
before the RH side running gear partially locked up and before the loco
stopped the con rods had twisted and mangled themselves up beautifully.

A real Hornby demolition derby. Both these locos had original prices on
the boxes, the black five £86.00. Quite expensive rubbish.

An appalling display of some of the trash currently available on the UK
model scene. Incidentally this type of quite common problem is one of
the reasons that we as a group discourage 'own stock' running while the
layout is open to public. Watching a loco derail while hauling 30+ goods
waggons with eight locos running is not funny. This of course only
happens when the place is heaving with spectators :0)

I will admit however that some of us watched this display with
considerable amusement. We run German and East European locomotives only

Reply John Turner 53A Models Hull

A widespread problem usually caused by careless handling of the loco - i.e.
the valve gear being 'grabbed' rather than the model being handled properly.
I'm not suggesting that it should bend so easily, but it does - Bachmann's
valve gear doesn't have this problem.

We've reported the problem to Hornby on numerous occasions, but they never
respond. We now send all such locos back to them when this fault occurs,
and whilst they happily repair or replace the fault, it strikes me that they
don't comprehend that the models are not up to the slightest bit of rough

Send them back to where your friend got them from and ask for them to be
repaired or replaced and for your postage to be refunded. That's all I can
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QUOTE Are you sure it isn't the motion ?
A little bit of tweaking with the tweasers should make it go away IE increase the clearance for the rods.

If it's in the motion I failed to track it down so I'm still none the wiser, hence the posting asking for help. I found the newsgroup snippit a little disturbing, 2 problems and they start rubbishing the brand. I've had no problem until now with Hornby's new chassis' but I'll agree that the valve gear is very fragile looking. I'm sure it wouldn't worry too many people if Hornby beefed up the rods a little.
My new A3" The White Night" also made a slight clicking noise when I first ran it. Because these models are designed to traverse 15" radius curves there is a lot of slop in motion. I found that one of the connecting rods was just toucing the screw on the front driver. I teased the the slidbar out slightly and it went away.
So far it hasn't come back. I'm going to tighten up all the motion on these models by adding spacers to the main and connecting rods.

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There are occasions when my A4 "Andrew K. McCosh" sounds like it has a mouse loose inside. I've assumed it is the motion which is indeed very fine. I try not to handle the loco if at all possible and find the way that the running boards on the Gresley coaches flex is disturbing. These are "scale models" not tonko toys methinks.

The speedo fitted to some of the BR versions can also produce a ticking noise, especially if it is loose.

My original A3 60077 (sent back with broken railing) had an unusual habit of arcing between the wheels and presumably the pick-ups on curves this made a ticking noise and lit up nicely. The replacement didn't do it but required a fair amount of coaxing to run at all at first.
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