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tillig fleischmann HO

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Does anyone know how to join Tillig Elite to Fleischmann Profi? Or even better, Luna-tram to Fleischmann without having to use Tillig intermediate joiners?
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*** I always find is best to simply solder such joints, aligning the rail-head.

If the rail is cleaned perfectly (shiny metal) and the right solder and flux are used, then its only a one second job and as neat as can be. A quick joint also means no melted plastic.

I used the peco joiners designed to join code 75 Peco to code 100 Peco. They work pretty well with code 83 Tillig to code 100 Fleischmann. I have a Fleischmann turntable and used the connectors on the outlet tracks to connect to the Tillig and Roco track.

Hope that suggestion helps!
Thanks very much for helpful replies.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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