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Time spent on model railway and modelling

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Just for fun...
How many hours a week do you spend modelling?
Less than 1 hour914.06%
1 to 7 hours3757.81%
more than 7 hours1828.13%
How many hours a week do you spend running your trains?
Less than 1 hour3351.56%
1 to 7 hours2234.38%
more than 7 hours914.06%
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Poll not designed to make you feel guilty

During these temperate days of autumn I can put in more hours in the garage that I heat gently to keep the models and materials from getting too cold.

I'm managing about an hour a day modelling which is quite good. If I keep this up, the track will advance nicely. The Garratt being built on the workbench progresses too - waiting for some supplies to continue, but I'm confidently moving with that project.

I do get to run the trains a bit, but as the layout is covered in scenic materials, there is not much space to get up to full steam.

How much time do you spend on model railway modelling and actually running your trains?
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Hmm....interesting, I suspect the results could be very revealing.

QUOTE (BRITHO @ 7 Nov 2008, 16:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hmm....interesting, I suspect the results could be very revealing.


I also do military modelling so i do have to take turns as it were on my modelling projects although at the mo i am tending to spend more time on the railway.


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I don't really spend enough time modelling - I have loads of unfinished/unstarted projects as it is.
I really have only two unfinished projects. Both are layouts, one HO and the other Oe.

The HO one will be finished before I retire (Yeah Right) but the Oe will be exhibited about october next year so I am pretty confident that it wil be fairly well advanced by then!!!!
At the moment I don't have a layout
But I imagine once I do in my new house, that those numbers will shoot up! Especially since my office, workshop, and train room will all share the same space!
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The results were along the lines of my own conclusions. However it's logical that it will take a lot more time to put a layout together than to flick a switch and run a train. Still it's all fun.
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QUOTE (bike2steam @ 7 Nov 2008, 19:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Is that time spent on my own stuff, or total?

i know that feeling very well!

its really a second job for mee. i come home from my day job and will spend the evening making the models before going to bed. usually take a couple of pictures before turning in.

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Hi All

The addition to the Poll

would be a comparison to time spent on Domestic chores

Regards Zmil
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Up until I got the "sound" bug, I spent more time modelling - mostly building kits and painting / repainting / decorating models, but, since I bought the first sound-equipped locomotive (a Bachmann class 66) I have spent a lot more time actually running trains. Add to that that I stopped teaching earlier this year and am now in a support position at a school and I don't have lesson preparation, marking, reports, and so on to do, I have a bit more modelling time to myself now.
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I normally find that if I can get the kids to bed at a reasonable time I'm normally free to get into the shed after seeking permission from SWMBO leaving her with access to the remote in the front room.

There also has to be taken into consideration the shifts I work and how that fits in with the family as well and once that has been taken into consideration I normally find I can get into the shed and mess around.
I try to give it as much time as possible and I am lucky in some respects. My job is out in the bush and I dont want to fall into "drinking in the mess" every night so to help me unwind a couple of hours most nights except Tues and Thursday I will go to the Gym or get involved in a sporting activity. Whats even better all meals are take care of, someone cleans my room twice a week except my work bench which has a big sign "do not touch". I got no excuse not to do modeling!

Its good for me and I enjoy it.

QUOTE (SRman @ 8 Nov 2008, 02:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Up until I got the "sound" bug, I spent more time modelling ...
Amazing how the sound locos come out first. I have 3 and two of them are permanently on the layout.

My mainline is not quite finished, but when it is, I'll have non-stop unattended running. I'll be able to sit at the workbench doing other stuff and see a train go by every now and then.
I must confess that the time that I spend modelling and running trains is largely governed by the weather.
As one of the grey generation, it tends to be when it is raining which seems to be most days.
After many false starts over 40 years, I have chucked the car out of the garage and have filled it with baseboards around the walls. One of two complete circuits has been completed, so that I can enjoy running the various GWR locos and stock that I have acquired.
Pretty lucky here after work and a bite to eat i spend the rest of the night doing the layout or diverted by associated projects this year converting my locos has taken a good portion of time included it that conversion of British stock most of which now has gone.
Though the American stock has now grown awaiting decoders

Living on my own leaves me to devote more time to the hobby
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QUOTE (upnick @ 9 Nov 2008, 22:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Living on my own leaves me to devote more time to the hobby

Indeed - I'm in the same position, the only problem is that Brian just happens to know this!

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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 10 Nov 2008, 17:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Indeed - I'm in the same position, the only problem is that Brian just happens to know this!


I have your interests at heart - I would'nt want you to get bored !
I too live by myself now (unfortunately) & it seems that since I retired there is more demands on my time than before but I enjoy it.
On average at least 2 hours a day is spent is spent on the PC, 2-3 in the layout room.
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