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Tip for fellow cheapskates

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A cheap way of making paste for fixing backscenes is to mix plain flour with water until a smooth paste is formed. Unlike wallpaper paste this will not shrink the paper and is anti-mould chemical free. I learned this from hanging wallpaper on dollshouses I used to make.
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QUOTE (poliss @ 10 Jan 2008, 06:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>and is anti-mould chemical free.

Interesting Poliss. I didn't know that.
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I can remember using Water and Flour paste mix at primary school (Many. many years ago now!)

QUOTE this will not shrink the paper Isn't it the water that causes the shrinkage? I thought that as the paper is soaked the water causes slight expansion and then as it slowly dries out the paper contracts but sometimes to a very slightly smaller size?

QUOTE and is anti-mould chemical free But isn't that whats needed? Surely you dont want mould appearing through the backscene paper after a few months or a year etc?

No doubt you can correct me as I still use ready mixed wallpaper adhesive for all my paper fixing jobs
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Don't ask me about the science about the flour and water paste not shrinking the paper, it's just something that is known in the dollshouse making fraternity. :)
The anti-mould ingredients are poisinous, (or they used to be), and are not recommended for anything where kids might lick. So don't let your kids lick the walls.
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If any of you are interested i have some landscape photos mainly of Wales Cornwall and Lake District that may be able to be used as backscenes some are at if anyone is interested i can pm you with the originals.
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