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*** I don't - adding a coating of any kind over weathering destroys much of the "texture difference" and makes it much less effective and less realistic. Try the carrs weathering powders - they are an ultra fine powder and seem to hold better than other brands I've used.

Even better, try womens makeup, especially eye makeup, its cheap enough from the discount store and works great - some fantastic weathering colours too!! It goes on slightly greay and dries nicely, easy to add or remove with cotton buds and water...

The key with powder is to use it on a matt surface only and also to not handle the loco etc by the body once done - or you can spray with a very diluted varnish before weathering, and apply powders while its still a little sticky.

Or... use a combination of dilute paint weathering (look at how good it can be in Ebaykals thread on the subject) and if you want, add powders at the same time, so the powder softens the look of the painted weathering and stick to it too....

these are both commonly used methods.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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