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Last night i was taking some new pictures for my bench thread and kept comming across projects waiting for my attention. most were impulse purchases that i got because i may never be able to get them again.
Some were payment for jobs i did and some i had planned for some time before i got them but had never started them for one reason or another.

I'm sure many of us have a pile of stuff like this. i started to feel a bit overwhelmed by mine and thought i would take some pictures to share it with you and compare them!
here is mine.
My starter for 6 is a K's German BR05 cab forward. just about the most unusual whitemetal kit i have ever seen. i couldnt resist. it has one or 2 problems. chiefly the strips that go along the bottom of the bodyshell dont match the bodyshell!

Next comes a pair of genisis prototype HST power cars awaiting chassis.

An MSL EM1 that i got cheap at a show last year. my god this is a complicated kit! but i'm sure with carefull work it will make up into a really nice model.

Nest comes a Czech streamliner that i got a couple of years ago. i actually found a good chassis for this one but i havent quite made up my mind about how to attach it.

anyone for a turbomotive?


A stirling single with all the gibson wheels to make it look pretty!

Acton shuttle. i got a tenshodo spud that was the wrong wheelbase. and i havent got around to returning it. i certainatly didnt pay full price for this one!

A rake of 5 GWR 4 wheelers.

I did a D.C. Kits class 89 when i was at university. the paint job is pretty terrible and needs completly redoing. it was the best i could do at the time!

A couple of strange russian bits and bobs.

A GT3 purchased at ailsbury.

A class 22. this was payment for a job and with the announcement of the gibson kit, i'm not sure this one will ever get built.

I could probably go a couple of years without ever buying another kit. but sometimes things are so unusual or rare that i just cant resist a good deal.


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I have a partially completed On30 Dress Up Kit for a Bachmann Porter loco, which has been hanging around 12 months.

There is also a plastic model kit of 'Rocket' which is unfinished and been lying about for about 3 years.

Beyond that, I'm fairly clear, as many other projects are 'ongoing'

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QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 15 Jul 2008, 07:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm afraid that my list would run to several pages, trouble is, if a compile a list it makes it look too daunting & then I just don't seem to get started.

Or alternatively you pass huge chunks of it on to me!

But I have to admit I've got a fair few things on the back burner - one of those being a Stirling single.


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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 15 Jul 2008, 17:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Or alternatively you pass huge chunks of it on to me!

No - yours are not included but to start off your list :
Paint enough seated persons for approx 60 odd coaches.
Repaint green on SL.
Finish fire engine model.
Stock list for Noch, GM, Wiking, Herpa ect.

That's enough to get you started

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I had a bit of a look around in the garage today at what I need to do. The list is pretty extensive as I had anticipated.

I need to build a German city.

A Highland station.

Build an embankment.

Build cliffs or a slope.

Ballast this.

Tidy this electronic stuff up.

Sort out some kind of a tunnel entrance.

Ballast some more.

Return of the son of ballasting.

Remove the Peco fence and put in this wills one. Then scenic and put in a backdrop.

Paint and instal these railings.

...and that's without really looking too hard.

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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 16 Jul 2008, 08:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...and that's without really looking too hard.

I know that feeling all too well Neil..........

Problem is the way jobs escalate & overflow into other areas - last week we had some serious IT problems so after sorting out the main PC on Monday I thought that I would "tidy up" the mass of loose wiring behind it. 12 hours later & a pile of no longer used cables resulted in the rest of the office trashed & looking like my son had lived in it for a month.

Now, I have to sort out all the lost and/or missing data, still I did have a pleasant day off yesterday with Maggie & (at her suggestion) a ride on the RH&DR which is less than an hour from here.

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I have the same problem as John - Finish layout.

There is a problem though, and I wonder if anyone else has had the same.

Over many months, you design your layout, lay the track, build and wire all the control boxes, put in some buildings and stations with lighting, put decoders in your engines, and suddenly your layout becomes alive.
Of course, there is still a lot of work to do with regards scenery etc, but on arrival at the layout the first thing you want to do is now run the trains, and the next time, and the next time. Are you getting the drift.

I think I shall have to get someone to hide the trains until I finish the job, as I don't seem to have enough self control. !!.


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QUOTE I think I shall have to get someone to hide the trains until I finish the job, as I don't seem to have enough self control. !!.

There's another way to reach the same end but it exploits the "lack of self control". Pick up some stuff at an exhibition or model shop thinking "that will be a nice little project". Take it to the railway, open the packets and then leave them on the railway. After a month or so you won't be able to run the trains through the collective heaps - it works for me

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