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Definitely don't put anything on the wipers especially Eletro Lube. Horrible stuff that attracts rubbish like a magnet. Bearings should be oiled but very sparingly. Apply the oil from the inside face of the bearing and capillary attraction will take care of the rest. Don't oil the front of the bearing between the wheel and the bearing as it will just throw off and cover the back of the wheel attracting dust. Motor bearings need oiling as well but use an oil specifically designed for motor bearings. I use Aero tect ACT-2002 bearing oil for motor bearings, Labelle 107 for wheel bearings, Labelle 102 for enclosed gearboxes and Valvoline CT22-R Lithium grease for open gearboxes or Labelle 106 as the Vavoline stuff is no longer made. Remember apply sparingly.


QUOTE (Dadd @ 26 Jan 2007, 10:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>At the risk of wearing out my welcome I have another question. Having just discovered the benefits of cleaning my loco wheels I am wondering if it is advisable to put a drop of Peco Electrolube ( or similar) onto the back face of the wheels where the power pickups rub against the wheel.
Although performance is vastly more reliable now everything is clean will the contacts wear rapidly if everything is dry?
Thanks (again) in anticipation of more good advice.
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