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Don't worry about "wearing out your welcome" at all.

At the risk of upsetting some of the P fans I would not touch electrolube at all - IMHO it is a horrible "gunk" that gets everywhere. If you must use it then just the tinyist smidgin. (Or you could try WD40 - just spray a tiny bit onto a cotton bud & apply with the bud - I do use WD40 on my LGB garden railway.)

I don't use anything on pickups. They should be adjusted so that they just make decent contact - this way (provided they are made of a decent material) they will not wear out. Worn out pick ups are a sign of them being adjusted incorrectly.

On the subject of other lubrication I duggest you just use the tiniest amounts where required. You can buy specialist oils, but if not available a very light machine oil (not 3-in one) will do the job.

Hope this helps. (Sit's back & waits for the flames e.g. "I've always used Electrolube/3-in one with no problems")
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