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Adding my twopence 'orth to all that. I'm not trying to burst ebaykal's bubble, but it has been tried before. Lima had several HO models in their range and several more in the wings but sales of the existing ones were poor enough to prompt the change back to OO. Rivarossi had a very nice looking Royal Scot and coaches (although I have read somewhere that these were not true HO either). Fleischmann has been mentioned above - pity they chose three different styles of Bulleid coach so they didn't make a "proper" set. Playcraft (Joueff) had an extensive range of budget priced BR HO models back in the 1960s (I know I wanted many of them at the time!).

Some years ago the British HO group tried to commission Heljan to produce a class 37 in HO. That was also stillborn due to not enough interest, ie the market for British HO is simply not big enough to support production of British HO even in limited edition runs.

Times and interests change so, in mitigation, maybe the time is right now, or maybe it'll be sometime in the future, for British HO to emerge as a viable market but, notwithstanding all claims to the contrary, there is not a huge amount of support for British HO modelling.
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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