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To the kind attention of HORNBY

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Yes, I know we have discussed this topic that; why aren't there any British Loco's in HO scale? and that lots of things has been said about it but I want to bring this subject up again and if any Hornby people are reading MRF ( I am sure they are ) would hopefully take notice of it.

The HO market is huge, Brits have a very fine loco range and quite famous ones as well that I personally would like to see in my collection and belive out there in HO land there would be a sizable amount of people thinking like me too.

Examples: A Flying scotsman, a 8F would be perfect starters. ( why am I always bringing up the 8F

I don't know, a poll done on this issue among HO people might give them an insight of to start off with which loco, they have all the resources for it; their web site, Hornby international, magazines.... Just ask: What British loco would you like to see in HO scale, or even narrow down your choice to 3 / 4 loco's that you seem more appropriate to produce.

I personally think it is worth thinking about.

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QUOTE (rossi @ 6 Aug 2008, 20:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I always think the best test of your favorite idea is to ask yourself whether you would put your own money into it if you had it ,not as a vanity project but as a hard nosed business decision,as if your companies survival depended on it .I think suddenly it would become a lot less attractive to invest in ,rather than another "out of scale" but sellable locomotive if it was your own 50 grand or so and all it entails in terms of another highly wanted mass market loco not being produced however much it is damned by a few purists . A manufacturer once told me that he mainly ignored the "why dont you make a ......? " as from past experience less than half the people who requested ended up buying it and no-one else was interested .If a request coincided with his own favourable gut feeling ,it stood a chance of being made at least .

I second that.
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