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To the kind attention of HORNBY

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Yes, I know we have discussed this topic that; why aren't there any British Loco's in HO scale? and that lots of things has been said about it but I want to bring this subject up again and if any Hornby people are reading MRF ( I am sure they are ) would hopefully take notice of it.

The HO market is huge, Brits have a very fine loco range and quite famous ones as well that I personally would like to see in my collection and belive out there in HO land there would be a sizable amount of people thinking like me too.

Examples: A Flying scotsman, a 8F would be perfect starters. ( why am I always bringing up the 8F

I don't know, a poll done on this issue among HO people might give them an insight of to start off with which loco, they have all the resources for it; their web site, Hornby international, magazines.... Just ask: What British loco would you like to see in HO scale, or even narrow down your choice to 3 / 4 loco's that you seem more appropriate to produce.

I personally think it is worth thinking about.

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I understand that much effort goes into the research and production of new locos, and given the difference between the Chinese economy and the British economy, I perceive there is a veritable bottom line profit for Hornby, Bachmann and the rest, which will encourage them to keep on making super-detailed locos to sell here at high prices.

However, I would like to see a real effort made by these companies to manufacture correct track with correct sleeper spacing, and not keep feeding us with an HO/OO dual purpose item.

This is not likely to happen, as it is easier to sell a new loco to run on existing track, than it would be to rip up all existing layouts and replace the trackwork with accurate sleeper spacing etc.

A pipe-dream I know, but I'm beginning to feel they could address this if they wished to, but they choose not to.

Anybody else feel the same way or am I a solitary voice crying in the model wilderness ?
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