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To the kind attention of HORNBY

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Yes, I know we have discussed this topic that; why aren't there any British Loco's in HO scale? and that lots of things has been said about it but I want to bring this subject up again and if any Hornby people are reading MRF ( I am sure they are ) would hopefully take notice of it.

The HO market is huge, Brits have a very fine loco range and quite famous ones as well that I personally would like to see in my collection and belive out there in HO land there would be a sizable amount of people thinking like me too.

Examples: A Flying scotsman, a 8F would be perfect starters. ( why am I always bringing up the 8F

I don't know, a poll done on this issue among HO people might give them an insight of to start off with which loco, they have all the resources for it; their web site, Hornby international, magazines.... Just ask: What British loco would you like to see in HO scale, or even narrow down your choice to 3 / 4 loco's that you seem more appropriate to produce.

I personally think it is worth thinking about.

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QUOTE (34C @ 28 Jul 2008, 22:14)I remember being surprised to see a model of an A4 on a US modeller's PRR layout. It looked pretty diminutive next to typical US superpower, and the owner had not realised that it was actually overscale.

That exactly hits the point. When standing side by side on the track, or on a layout, 00 stock looks larger than most continental HO stock. Thus, the real proportions are being reversed, and the more compact British steam locos are larger and higher than the H0 models (e.g. a LMS Royal Scot looks far bigger than a Reichsbahn class 17, although both being 4-6-0 locos of similar dimensions).

I would appreciate RTR British H0 models in order to have models being in the same scale and therefore directly comparable and thus deployable on the same trains. O.k., I do admit that these thoughts are based on my mainly H0 stock and therefore a bit egoistic....
....but if there would have been British H0 models I would have bought my first models of British prototype ten years ago (instead of 00 gauge last year).

QUOTE (alastairq @ 27 Jul 2008, 20:36) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>and.....what about the Japanese models, designed to run on 16.5mm gauge track, which is quite 'out of gauge' for the prototype?

Concerning the scale/track width relation of Japanese HO models I would like to admit that due to the scale used (1:80) proportions of the modelled rolling stock and track width are correct. In contrast to Spain and Ireland where 1:87 scale rolling stock on H0 tracks indeed are sort of narrow gauge models, the Japanese Market is big enough. In case of Ireland and Spain, the compromise of offering 1:87 scale models has to be accepted due to the overturn of these markets does not seem to justify models in a separate scale (i.e. 1:94).
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