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To the kind attention of HORNBY

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Yes, I know we have discussed this topic that; why aren't there any British Loco's in HO scale? and that lots of things has been said about it but I want to bring this subject up again and if any Hornby people are reading MRF ( I am sure they are ) would hopefully take notice of it.

The HO market is huge, Brits have a very fine loco range and quite famous ones as well that I personally would like to see in my collection and belive out there in HO land there would be a sizable amount of people thinking like me too.

Examples: A Flying scotsman, a 8F would be perfect starters. ( why am I always bringing up the 8F

I don't know, a poll done on this issue among HO people might give them an insight of to start off with which loco, they have all the resources for it; their web site, Hornby international, magazines.... Just ask: What British loco would you like to see in HO scale, or even narrow down your choice to 3 / 4 loco's that you seem more appropriate to produce.

I personally think it is worth thinking about.

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From a personal perspective, I would think it highly unlikely that you'd get much of a market for HO (and hence a return on your investment) for far too many years after the introduction of your first HO RTR model. The problem is this: in OO, there are several UK outline manufacturers, each of whom is producing several models a year and each of whom has been doing so for some time. Thus, there is a broad range of locomotives, coaches, wagons and now even units from which the beginner can take their pick. Moreover, all of the Big Four companies and BR are well represented (compared with HO) in OO models, allowing for the modeller/collector to have some geographical variety in their fleet. With HO, however, any new manufacturer (or existing manufacturer moving into UK HO) has to contend with this lead which OO has and which OO will continue to build on as manufacturers tool up more prototypes. All this makes OO much more attractive for the wider public, who don't really mind the fact that OO is prototypically incorrect. That we are now seeing pre-Grouping and oddball diesel prototypes appearing in OO indicates just how much of a lead OO has on any challenger. An HO range would be stifled by this competition, not least because there's not even a wide range of trade support in terms of kits to back up the RTR produce and because it would take a while to build up a useful range of prototypes which can be used in a layout of a particular era or region.
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