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To the kind attention of HORNBY

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Yes, I know we have discussed this topic that; why aren't there any British Loco's in HO scale? and that lots of things has been said about it but I want to bring this subject up again and if any Hornby people are reading MRF ( I am sure they are ) would hopefully take notice of it.

The HO market is huge, Brits have a very fine loco range and quite famous ones as well that I personally would like to see in my collection and belive out there in HO land there would be a sizable amount of people thinking like me too.

Examples: A Flying scotsman, a 8F would be perfect starters. ( why am I always bringing up the 8F

I don't know, a poll done on this issue among HO people might give them an insight of to start off with which loco, they have all the resources for it; their web site, Hornby international, magazines.... Just ask: What British loco would you like to see in HO scale, or even narrow down your choice to 3 / 4 loco's that you seem more appropriate to produce.

I personally think it is worth thinking about.

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QUOTE Certainly it must have done over the water.
As in providing coach packs of intermediate sets? If so then I can confirm that Mehano do two different intermediate coach sets for one of their TGV liveries. WE saw them in a model shop in Reims last month. A full set - power cars + two intermediate coach packs - came to about £400 which is where we lost interest
, especially as it wasn't for a double decker TGV-Est set. There was no sign of the announced Jouef record breaker TGV set but then I don't think it's due until the Autumn. As on previous visits, trains get a pretty small amount of space in French model shops, especially compared to die cast cars.

And if you think £400 is steep for a full TGV set, if you are modelling TGV-Est in the Reims region, you need two! We saw a couple operating in multiple as we travelled along the A4 towards Metz.

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