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Top Speeds

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Strange question and probably not the correct place to put it but...

I want to limit the top speed of my N-gauge locos to a prototypical top speed so,

I have Thomas the tank engine 0-6-0 loco......what loco would it be in prototype land and what would be the max speed it would go?

Same question for James a 2-6-0 tender loco and Percy 0-4-0 little tiny thing he is too!

Thanks guys
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Thomas is based on an E2, (built by one of the companies South of London). Probably capable of 50-60 mph for a short distance, but would usually chug around at 20 - 30mph on a run.

James looks like the inside cylinder 2-6-0's of the Caley and Glasgow and South Western. Again 60mph, but more likely to be below 40mph unless running away down a bank.

As for 0-4-0's, one of the theories about the 'pug' name is that it derives from 'pugilist', a boxer, because of the boxing action swaying from side to side, if operated at any sort of speed. The celebrated Y4's on the GER would also pitch, and damage the cylinder cock mechanisms if allowed up to an estimated 40mph. (Bear in mind that speeds on virtually all UK steamers are estimates, very few, and those express passenger types actually ever had a speedometer.)
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