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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 21 Nov 2007, 14:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>curious.

Is this Dougs way of telling us that the gun was jumped?


*** If it is he has my 100% agreement - As one of the few who had, in addition to highlighting the problems with first release Hornby Digital spent many hours working in the background to cajole H towards the positive adoption of standards, I had posted a positivey oriented response following your own post however....

I see pulling it as a positive! Such things should be done properly!

If I was Hornby and I had taken steps to resolve something that had given me giref for so long, I think I would be very P...d off that the payground papparazzi had taken it upon themselves to leak the info (that they shouldn't have ever had access to) before I had the chance to announce it in the way that will do most good for my company.

So - if Doug pulled it - A sincere pat on the back for good judgement from me!

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