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Hi all out thier in railway land, i am about to start building a 4mm model of Torrington line in 1956/57.
I would like to go through building the base boards,right up to finnishing the lay out ,any help anyone can give me on the way would be most helpfull.
as i have not had a model railway since i was a kid , i will post on here each week how it is going ,so i hope you can all join me in this building of the line from start to finnish.
and on the way to give me help from you out thier that have far more no how on how to get the most from a model railway.
So far i have all the track, locos ,rolling stock,and the wood for the base boards the lay out will be 15' long by 2' wide with fiddle yard at each end .
Here is a list of my locos which have all been weathered.

5 ivorrt tanks (all renumbred to the ones that ran on the linein 1956/57)
1 early dmu( One car Hornby one )
1 04 shunnter in black early BR (bachmann)
1 Q1(Hornby)
1 GWR 43xx (bachmann)
2 N class (bachmann)
1 westcountry (hornby)
1 Pug (hornby) this i will use as a private loco from Marland clay works .
1 M7 (Hornby) Hope to have another one soon.
and when Hornby brings it out a T9!!!!!!

All the rolling stock i have is southern BR and a few BR ones as well i have even got some wagon that have the SR logo on them but very weathered.
I will post pics on here very soon of all my locos and each week i will post new one showing how the lay out going.
So i hope you can all join me .
All the Best

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Hi Torrington and welcome to the MRF.

Looks like an interesting project you are undertaking and I look forward to seeing your progress.

HOWEVER, this is the Guest Posting Area and, if you read the headings for this particular area of the Forum, you will note that IT IS NOT FOR STARTING LONG AND COMPLEX TOPICS. I suggest therefore that you start a new topic in the 00/HO Forum as otherwise the powers that be might descend upon you.

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Hi Darren and welcome
I hope you will enjoy your stay on the forum i know i do.

Just a friendly suggestion if you are going to start a new layout and want to keep us informed perhaps it would be better if you start the topic in the "on my layout" section

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress in the coming months.

Kind regards

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An impressive line up already. If you need help or advice just ask the question - someone is certain to know an answer.

BTW - welcome to MRF

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