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Hello all,

I'm currently still in the planning stages with my new N gauge layout. I'm looking at which point motors to use this time around and have come across Tortoise motors. Has anyone used these with N gauge, specifically with Peco code 55?

Looking at them, they seem to be pretty enormous. I'm concerned that if they were say, mounted on a scissor crossing in N gauge, there might not actual be sufficient room to get the motors mounted next to each other. Also, I only have a baseboard depth of 5-6cm including the frame - the Tortoises will be hanging out of the bottom of the baseboard won't they? That could make placing the trestles I use to support the layout quite tricky.

I'm planning on having some 22 motors spread over the scenic section of the layout - at around £12 a pop I need to know everything is going to fit and work! Is there an alternative to the tortoise that's more appropriate to N gauge?

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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