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Q: I got my brand new ECoS 50200 with colour display. But the touch screen seems to be not working at all. What is wrong with it?

A: In some rare cases it could happen that the touch screen of the ECoS delivered ex-works does not function and the touch screen is not responsive to pressure.

Please do not send the ECoS to ESU for repair in this case.

If the touch screen does not respond to pressure, it needs to be re-calibrated. Usually the ECoS comes with a calibrated touch screen ex-works. To re-calibrate, please proceed as follows:
  • Push the function buttons F2 and F7 of the left AND the right cab at the same time.
  • Now the calibration screen appears.
  • Please follow the instructions shown on the screen: Please push the occurring red and green crosses one after another by using the attached stylus. Please try to hit the crosses as precisely as possible.
  • Now the message "Calibration finished" appears on the screen. The calibration will be saved when you push the OK button. Now the touch screen works as it should. If the message "Calibration could not be carried out" is shown, the crosses haven't been touched precisely. In this case please repeat the procedure.
See the PDF documents below for details and diagrams.


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